Видео: Lego custom minifigs: Mettaton EX and Napstablook (Undertale) updated

lego custom minifigs: mettaton (Undertale)

today i'll be showing you my first lego undertale mini figure and it is mettatonnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn OH YES To see ...

Lego Undertale CMF Draft!

Hey guys! I'm so excited to bring this video I've been wanting to make since last year! For any who would like to know, the series ...


Hey there want part 2? Well here is a very secret video of it: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=htK-O1gj4Lw Enjoy ;)

❤️Undertale Remakes | Custom Review

They've finally returned❤️ ey buckos sans here ben passed out after working on this video for a week so im typing this lol ...

Minecraft 1.9: Mettaton EX and Napstablook (Undertale Mod Update)

Another small Undertale mod update! This time I added much requested Mettaton EX and also Napstablook with also 2 unique ...

How to build lego undertale characters: Mettaton EX

I wanted to stick to my promise of uploading this in September, but I couldn't so I'm sorry about that, to the maybe like 6 people ...

mettaton and napstablook after pacifist route (Read description)

Song: his theme //edit Thanks for the 100 000 views! I will answer some of the questions that i found in the coments that a lot of ...

Lego Undertale

I know that a lot of you were really exited for Lego Hong Kong 97. But you will have to wait for that one because i wanted to make ...

Undertale Lego Figures

This is for my friend Rainiewolf13.

THE DRAMATIC SHOW HOST! Mettaton EX Posable Figure: (Creative Thinker Reviews Ep. 2)

This is a review I've been planning for almost 3 weeks now, so I hope I did the figure justice. Hope you enjoyed and have a good ...

Custom Undertale Legos Undyne, Alphys, Asgore, Toriel, Temmie, Mettaton and more

Check out my Shapeways account to purchase: https://www.shapeways.com/shops/AnimeLEGO.

How to build lego undertale characters: Mettaton

It's finally here! Also, Mettaton EX will be coming really soon. All Music used is made by Toby Fox, and not by me. Link to ...

Lego Undertale Megalovania

Hey Guys! Hope you guys liked what you saw, I thought it was a cool idea to make a Undertale animation, so I made one. like I ...

LEGO mettaton NEO

Another custom minifig!

Making Mettaton Neo and Mettaton EX with Clay | UNDERTALE

In this video I will show you how to make a figure Making Mettaton Neo and Mettaton EX from game Undertale. Sculpt Making ...

Undertale | Mettaton | Polymer clay | Speed Sculpting (extra speed version 🙃🙃🙃)

reupload because of copyright problems. instagram: https://www.instagram.com/kunum413/. Music: 1.

Custom Lego undertale minifigs + shazam

Shout out to Brick 101 for the sans build.


Mettaton Custom Amiibo! Had a lot of fun making this one. These Undertale Amiibos are some of my favorite ones to make, like ...

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